WEB3 Domains

Handshake and Ethereum: A Revolutionary Integration for Decentralized DNS

The Technology Behind Handshake

Handshake introduces a novel, decentralized approach to DNS management, allowing peers to directly manage the root DNS naming zone, eliminating central authority dependency. Utilizing a Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism, Handshake enhances security while ensuring broad, democratic participation in the domain name system.

Bridging Handshake and Ethereum with Optimism

This integration marks a pivotal moment, bridging Handshake's decentralized DNS with Ethereum's robust smart contract ecosystem through the Optimism Layer 2 network. Optimism's solution addresses the high gas fees and slow transactions of previous systems, making domain registration and management both cost-effective and efficient.

Advantages Over Previous Implementations and ENS

  • More Decentralized: Unlike traditional systems, Handshake's approach to DNS management distributes control across all users, enhancing the network's decentralization.
  • Cost Efficiency: Leveraging the Optimism network, Handshake achieves a cost reduction up to 600 times less for registration and about 5000 times cheaper in gas fees compared to traditional methods, including ENS.
  • Reduced Barrier to Entry: The integration significantly lowers the financial and technical barriers, inviting broader participation in the decentralized web.


The collaboration between Handshake's decentralized DNS and the Ethereum blockchain, facilitated by the Optimism L2 network, represents a significant advancement in the pursuit of a decentralized internet. Overcoming previous challenges of high costs and centralization, this integration paves the way for a more accessible, secure, and user-centric online world.