WEB3 Domains

Domain Name Airdrop: Claim Your Spot Now!

We're excited to unveil a unique opportunity for digital pioneers: a grand giveaway of $20,000 in domain names! This airdrop is your chance to secure a slice of online real estate, completely on us. We're welcoming the first 5,000 applicants to join us in this digital venture, ensuring your innovative ideas have a home on the web.

Airdrop Kick-off

Registrations Open: April 1, 2024
Domains Distribution Begins: July 4, 2024

How It Works

  1. Apply Early: Registration opens on April 1, 2024. Early birds catch the worm, or in this case, the best domain names!
  2. Complete Your Application: Tell us about yourself and your top domain name choices. If your first pick is taken, don't worry—you'll have another shot at claiming a name that suits your vision.
  3. Wait for Distribution Day: Successful registrants will start receiving their domains from July 4, 2024, onwards.
  4. Claim Your Domain: Follow the instructions in your confirmation email to claim your domain name.

Eligibility and Guidelines

  • Open to individuals 18 years and older.
  • Limited to one application per participant.
  • The giveaway continues until we hit our cap of 5,000 registrants.
  • Free registrations are limited to 5 characters or more.

The Fine Print

  • All participants are guaranteed a domain, subject to a first-come, first-served policy for specific names.
  • If your preferred name is unavailable by your turn, you'll have the opportunity to select another.
  • Domains are granted on a one-year basis; standard renewal fees apply for subsequent years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I ensure I get my preferred domain name?
A: Apply as soon as registration opens! We operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Q: What happens if my domain name is taken?
A: You'll be given a chance to select an alternative name when it's your turn to claim your domain.

Q: When will I know if I've successfully registered for a domain?
A: Keep an eye on your email. Instructions on claiming your domain will be sent starting July 4, 2024.

Be Part of the Online Frontier

This airdrop is your passport to the digital world. Whether you're launching a startup, creating a personal blog, or securing your brand's name, seize this moment. Mark your calendars for April 1, 2024, and get ready to claim your digital domain.