WEB3 Domains

Revised Roadmap for Blockchain-Based Domain Name and Hosting Service

Phase 1: Launch and Airdrop of .collectable

April 1, 2024: Launch of the .collectable domain airdrop registration.

July 4, 2024: Distribution of .collectable domains begins, marking the official launch of our decentralized domain service. Eligible participants from the airdrop will start receiving their domain names.

Phase 2: Engagement and Community Building

August 2024: Introduction of the leaderboard to incentivize engagement and reward holders. The leaderboard will track various metrics such as domain usage, community contributions, and innovative implementations of .collectable domains.

Rewards System: Monthly rewards will be distributed to top-ranked domain holders, encouraging active participation and innovation within the community.

Phase 3: Expansion of Domain Offerings and Hosting Services

October 2024: Official launch of the .w3 domain name, broadening our domain name offerings and providing more options for users interested in establishing a presence in the decentralized web.

October 2024: Rollout of exclusive web hosting services for .collectable domain holders. These services will offer enhanced features tailored to the needs of the decentralized web, including advanced security protocols and optimized performance for Web3 applications.

Free Web2 Hosting: Alongside Web3 hosting solutions, .collectable holders will also enjoy complimentary Web2 hosting services, facilitating a smoother transition to decentralized technologies.

Premium Wallet Naming with .Oxme Domain: Addition of the .Oxme domain as a premium wallet naming option, offering a high-value, memorable branding solution for wallet owners.

Phase 4: Decentralized Storage Integration

July 2025: Basic integration with Arweave and IPFS, offering decentralized storage solutions for our users. This milestone will enable .collectable and .w3 domain holders to store their site content on a distributed network, enhancing data permanence and resistance to censorship.

Phase 5: Launch of Native Token and Web3 Hosting Services

January 2026: Introduction of our native token on the Optimism network, designed to facilitate transactions within our ecosystem. This token will serve as the primary currency for accessing our advanced Web3 hosting services, among other utilities.

Future Directions

Post-launch of our native token and full integration with decentralized storage solutions, we will continue to explore additional features and partnerships to expand our ecosystem. Potential developments could include further enhancements to our hosting services, additional domain name offerings, and deeper integration with the broader Web3 infrastructure.